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Activities/Events - HOW WE DO IT?

Buniyaad curriculum has been framed using the touch-feel-do method of teaching, encouraging self confidence and competitive spirit in children. Novel methods of teaching and learning through story telling, song, dance & drama are adopted. Activities around subjects like environment awareness,oral and physical hygiene and nutrition are organized which are pivotal for children and families from this stratum of society.

Buniyaad with its team of doctors (supporters of the organization) conduct general health camps at the nurseries to detect and advise general health or specific health conditions. Apart from academic learning, National days & festivals are also celebrated by the children with their teachers and volunteers. These celebrations bring about a special smile of fondness in children and the Buniyaad family all the while, instilling the national spirit. Emphasis is laid on events like picnic, Sports day, Annual day and other inter class and intra nursery competitions which help in the overall development of the children. To see us in action, view the pictures/videos...