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We can't connect the dots looking forward; we can only connect them looking backwards. So we believe that the dots will somehow connect in the future... Our corporate supporters have provided us that connect into the past and the future....

The alliance with Xoriant - a Product Engineering Service Provider goes back to 2008 . Xoriant supports a Playgroup & Nursery of Buniyaad. Xoriant volunteers have enthusiastically participated in most of our events and activities. The Union has gone a long way as Together we have been making a Positive Difference to our society.

Anglo-eastern Maritime Training Centre, Andheri (E), Mumbai has been associated with Buniyaad since 2010. Their support to a Buniyaad Playgroup & Nursery is wholehearted. Their involvement in its activities, progress, events etc. is significant. The Act of Care & Kindness has always made an Impact.

Ladies@BG with whose support we started our first Nursery in Park site, Vikhroli, Mumbai was a special venture by the dynamic ladies. The 3 years that they were associated brought in creativity and zest to the lives of the students at Buniyaad.

Our association with Mastek, a high-end IT solutions and service provider was long and fruitful. Mastek Foundation organised volunteering activities regularly to bring the employees closer to the community by way of participating in major events, in the initial years.

Imparting knowledge in any form is a great and very satisfying feeling. Buniyaad gives us the privilege to be a small contributor to the society. It really is a great feeling to see the ladies walk to take the world in their stride with confidence and buniyaad through its spoken english classes help them achieve it.- Kaveri (VOLUNTEER)

"No one can deny that there is more pleasure in giving than in receiving".

Since I had time on my hand with the children going to school I was happy with the thought which I had dreamt of and wanted to do something to help others .As I had completed my B.ed I loved to utilise my teaching skills for the benefit of the needy.

"BUNIYAAD" gave me this opportunity and a great feeling which helped me to render my services on the right platform.- Hemalata Kodi (VOLUNTEER)

I am a volunteer with BUNIYAAD as a part of the English Speaking class. The idea of teaching conversational english particularly appealed to me as i was sure this would add value to their lives and in the process enrich my own. The journey of seeing these young, enthusiastic ladies progress from learning words in English to speaking the language has been immensely satisfying. Kudos to Buniyaad for taking up this challenge. - Priya Muralidharan (VOLUNTEER)

As a volunteer teacher at the Buniyaad English speaking class, I find my coaching sessions with the ladies very fulfilling.My motivation is to prepare them to confidently participate in English conversation with the outside world. In turn,their enthusiasm and interest in learning the nuances of a language foreign to them, rejuvenates me. My teaching experience has been enriched by my small contribution in their progress. - Chandrika Suri (VOLUNTEER)

I have joined buniyaad before 3 years as a volunteer . The thing I like most about it is to teach the slum kids the vedic shlokas , mantras & prayers . Everything is as systematic as a school. - Archana Patodia (VOLUNTEER)

Our logo itself reflects the kind of work we do, i.e. nurturing the children to be better individuals. Teaching at the nurseries has definitely been an enriching experience for me; it satisfies the hunger in me to reach beyond material needs. While interacting with the children, there is an initial resentment, final acceptance and a smile on their faces towards the end which in itself gives immense satisfaction and joy that weighs down all the materialistic pleasures.

In the process of imparting knowledge which others say is a very good deed it has done wonders to me as well. I must say, it has enhanced my values of contentment, patience, perseverance and to try and achieve something against all odds - Meena Parameswaran (VOLUNTEER)

It is indeed a privilege to be associated with an institution which nurtures young children who are the foundation of any country & prepare them for future challenges. It gives me immense pleasure & satisfaction in whatever way I could contribute towards preparing the children for this arduous task.- Rajalakshmi Singh (VOLUNTEER)

Buniyaad has given me an opportunity to keep myself usefully engaged. Besides enriching my teaching experience the company of innocent children makes me feel refreshed. The moral values imparted to the children at such a tender age will lay a good foundation for their future. Including prayers, shlokas and bhajans in the curriculum will make the children aware of our values and culture. On passing from these nurseries the kids have a better chance to gain admission in good schools. Buniyaad Nurseries give the teachers a good experience and improves their job opportunity. - Anuradha Sahay (VOLUNTEER)

Interview of the winner for Best Teacher Award

Ques:How do you feel on being adjudged as the Best Teacher?

Ans:I am very pleased on being given the Best Teacher Award. I am very happy that all the people associated with Buniyaad are happy with my hard work. This is a great encouragement for me.

Ques:How do you feel on being adjudged as the Best Teacher these past two years?

Ans:I am very pleased and extremely delighted on being given the Best Teacher Award two times in a row. I was very surprised too as i was not expecting it this year. I am very happy that all the people associated with Buniyaad are happy with my hard work. This is a great encouragement for me.

Ques:what was your family's response when you shared the good news with them?

Ans: My family is proud of my achievements. My husband values my contribution and involves me while taking decisions. I have become a role model to my children and the women in my neighborhood.

Ques:What are your motivating factors for teaching?

Ans:All the students in my Nursery, year after year, make it a pleasurable experience to teach. I may not have achieved a lot in my younger days, but I have hope and support to reach greater heights. I do not want to limit my achievements based on my background. I think that hard work and confidence can bring about any change I want in my life.

Ques:Do you use any special teaching techniques?

Ans:I become child like with my students. I do not like to scold my students. We indulge in a lot of fun activities which makes it fun for students to come to the Nursery.

Ques:If conventional approach does not yield desired results, then what methods do you employ?

Ans:It is true that there are some days when students don’t learn fast. On those days, I give them the duty to learn. I let them set the pace, which can be a bit slow. I also ask a couple of them to change places with me. They like it very much.

Ques: What has Buniyaad taught you?

Ans: Working with Buniyaad has taught me to think for others. As they say ’hands that help are holier than hands joined in worship’.

Ques: What have you beloved students taught you?

Ans: You may find it funny but my students have helped me inculcate good and healthy food habits. They have reminded me of the life-long principle of obedience and respect towards one’s parents. Needless to say, now I am finding it easy to instill these values in my children and within my family.

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